Where is everyone????

Follow my new blog though

This will be used in my upcoming promo so i’d start following!

Promo Update - Odd Future Merch.

Alright guys brace yourselves

I’m doing the promo tonight!

But instead of doing an insta promo i’m instead going to promote this and my new blog - which is more of a personal one.
What to expect in the promo:
I’m feeling really generous! I’ve been working hard so I’ve decided to put in the promo
- OF socks
- OF beanie
- OF hoodie.
I’m keeping within the theme yellow. Why? Because yellow is a sick colour.
It’s being uploaded TONIGHT. It will be running for over a month or so and the winner will be announced on random.org 
I am also shipping everywhere. Keep yourselves updated guys!

Martians Vs Goblins (Ft. Lil Wayne & Tyler, The Creator) - The Game